What’s up everyone! My name is David “Joe Breezy” Armbrecht and I appreciate you stopping by my website for a quick visit. I hope to update this with some really cool stuff in the future so please check back for some updates. Shout out to Rob Sleezy for throwing this thing together and doing an awesome job on it!

To tell you about myself, I was born in San Jose, CA and was lucky enough to get into radio right out of High School in 1998. As I kid I always dreamed of hosting my own radio show and would listen to stations like Hot 97.7, KWSS, The Kat, KOME, KMEL, X100 and KSOL.

I started off interning at Wild 94.9 and it was the COOLEST thing EVER to an 18 year-old at the time so needless to say, I had a blast. However, I fell in love with the business side of it early on and knew I wanted to make it a career. At the time it was VERY tough to get on the air at Wild, so after 2 years of interning, doing call-ins, etc. I got hired at KDON in Monterey for weekends. I was also lucky enough to join “AJ In The Morning” (now at Star in San Diego) as “Gringo Suave” their stunt guy. When AJ got hired at KHTS in San Diego 9 months later, he took me with him to do mornings. I was only there for 7 months before I came back to KDON. MG, the morning host at KDON got hired at KKFR in Phoenix and asked me to come along. I did mornings with the crew in Phoenix for 3 years but knew I wanted to host my own show. I got hired at KHTN in Merced/Modesto to host afternoons, then back to KDON in Monterey to do nights for Sam Diggedy who was/is the Program Director. 3 months later, Jazzy Jim and Travis Loughran called me to do weekends at Wild in SF while I was hosting nights at KDON. A couple months later they offered me nights at Wild where I held down the fort for almost 3 years. In August of 2008, the Program Director and I got let go due to a lawsuit (Google “Joe Breezy Fired” if you’re curious) Luckily, Dan Mason the PD of KDND in Sacramento had a night slot open up about the same time so I headed 90 miles east and Sacramento is now where I call home. I also do weekends at Movin’ 99.7 in San Francisco and 106.5 The Buzz in Sacramento.

As I mature (slowly;) I really see myself moving in to Programming. I’ve been fortunate enough to work for some GREAT PD’s (Michael Martin, Jazzy Jim, Dan Mason, Dennis Martinez, Sam Diggedy, Bruce St. James, Diana Laird, Mike Preston, Rene Roberts, Dan Watson) and have drawn inspiration from them all. Hopefully, my next move will be an APD/MD and then a Program Director. I really enjoy sharing the knowledge I’ve been lucky enough to learn with up and coming talent and being a part of the creative aspects of running a radio station. Thanks again for cruising by, check out the photos, listen to some old airchecks of mine (don’t be too harsh… hahaha) and email me. I love networking!